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How many guests can the Monte Cristo Room hold?

MCR is perfect for any size group from as little as 10 guests to a maximum of 125!

Can we bring our own beverages?

Cheers! Yes, please do bring any beverages you would like to serve your guests. If we are talking alcoholic beverages, we do charge a fee depending on the size of your group and a waiver must be signed. We do not provide ice, cups, or glassware, so be sure that you or your caterer brings them!

What do we have access to in the room?

We're glad you asked! MCR happily provides all your tables and seating, a food line, a decorative dessert table, a dry bar area with a large fridge, Bluetooth speakers, wireless microphones, outdoor patio space, as well as stylish decor and lounge seating. In other words, we have our bases covered!

Can we use any caterer?

Absolutely! MCR welcomes any caterer or vendor including your homemade cooking! Keep in mind that we do not have any kitchen space to prep or cook food. Michael's Italian Feast is conveniently located next door and is a popular catering option!

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